Where can I see my funds?

One of our favorite places to track DeFi positions and assets is DeFiSnap. Simply enter the wallet address which you used during Zapping and you will get a clear snapshot of all your current holdings as well as past transactions. You can also see these positions if you use the Zap Out feature.

Is there a fee for Zapping IN?

No, Zapping in is a free service.

Is there a fee for Zapping OUT?

Zapping out of Unipool into multiple assets is free.

Zapping out and converting all proceeds into a SINGLE asset, currently incurs a 1% convenience fee used to improve DeFiZap development & educational efforts to further user adoption in DeFi.

What are risks of using Zaps vs Zips?

When you use Zaps you mint & receive the same liquidity/position tracking tokens as when separately using the underlying platforms (Uniswap, Maker, etc.) on your own - just less time wasted. Once you receive liquidity/position tracking tokens, DeFiZap doesn't have any control over these tokens.

With Zips, the process is more complex and the underlying funds are locked in Zips hence we are in the process of going through a formal audit before releasing Zips on the mainnet.