Why integrate DeFiZap?

The problem

Consumer-facing DeFi dashboards, wallets and & other applications need to remain relevant in today’s fast moving landscape. But building smart contracts to improve engagement is risky and time-consuming.

The solution

The quickest and most predictable way to increase engagement is to enable seamless access to innovative opportunities in DeFi. Embedding these well-defined, easy to digest strategies directly into your customer-facing dapps creates new and compelling features that differentiate your product and maximize engagement.

DeFiZap Analytics (coming soon) platform provides aggregate insight into user behaviors, enabling you to evolve their offerings to maximize value-add.


› Connect and increase engagement

Connect to and leverage battle-tested brands your users are already using daily in DeFi

› Be where your users are

Embed integrations seamlessly into your dapps, emails or website

› Extend your dapp’s functionality

Rapidly increase the functionality of your dapp with each new Zap integration

› Learn from user behavior

Analyze behavior to understand & prioritize which strategies to integrate next